The Big Berkey Water Filter

Water FilterWhen it comes to our needs, water consumption will never disappear. How can it? It’s one of our basic human needs. Without it, we’ll die in a matter of days. That’s why it’s important for every household to have its own water delivery system usually in the form of faucets. But because of the continuing pollution in the environment, you can never be too sure if the water that you’re drinking is clean or not.

There are times when the water might look clean but the chemicals and even the harmful metallic compounds are mixed in the water making it invisible to the naked eye. That’s where water filters come into play.

The Big Berkey Water Filter System is just one of the biggest and well-known names when it comes to water filter systems. It has been out in the market for years and it has established a steady foundation of trust among their customers. But what makes it so special is that it features amazing capabilities in filtering out compounds and wastes in the water and effectively cleaning it that enables the water to be consumed safely while also removing the annoying frequent maintenance required for most water filtering systems.

Furthermore, the Big Berkey Water Filter comes at a very affordable price. So that would mean clean water for an affordable price. It sounds too good to be true, right? But does the Big Berkey Water Filter live up to its assurance or not?

Let’s take a look at its features and specifications.


The Big Berkey Water Filter is made based on the Doulton technology of the Super Sterasyl Ceramic filter. This type of filter was widely utilized by the military back in the day, relief organizations and even missionaries who lacked clean water during their travels. A few years later, these filters were tuned and developed into what Big Berkey Water Filter Systems have become now. Aside from that powerful technology, the Big Berkey Water Filter boasts five main features that allow it to live up to its reputation as an equitable water filtering system.

The following are what gives the Big Berkey Water Filter System its identity:

  • Can purify as much as 3.5 gallons of water per hour – that means the Big Berkey Water Filter can purify an amount up to 84 gallons of water in 24 hours
  • Its filter life can reach up to 3,000 gallons for every filter element
  • It’s easy and convenient to clean compared to other brands of water filtering systems
  • It has self-sterilizing filters which actively cleanses
  • It is made from high grade 304 stainless steel that has incredible resistance against rusting, so you don’t have to worry about drinking rusty water

Why Choose Big Berkey Water Filter?

There are many water filtering systems available in the market. But why choose the Big Berkey Water Filter System? What makes it so different? The answer is in its versatility. When it comes to cleansing and providing clean water that’s safe for consumption, the Big Berkey Water Filter delivers.

Here are the advantages of utilizing the Big Berkey Water Filter System:

  • You can easily use it at home for small or medium-sized families
  • You can even bring it with you during your travels, outdoor activities like hiking or camping
  • It allows easy access even during unexpected emergencies
  • Actively purifies water coming from raw sources like lakes, streams, ponds and even water supplies from other countries where regulations may be substandard
  • Provides purification even for water that has already been treated
  • Can easily be used in any type of environment, either in the home or even outdoors where you don’t have the luxury of accessing any electrical sources, adequate water pressure or obtaining treated water.
  • Capable of removing pathogenic bacteria, parasites, parasitic cysts and even harmful chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, dangerous organic solvents radon 222 and trihalomethanes
  • Utilizes four types of purification elements that enable optimum purifying of the water you drink
  • Able to reduce the amount of nitrates and nitrites and other dangerous minerals like mercury, lead and more to provide you with safe and clean water fit for consumption

What are Users Saying about the Big Berkey Water Filters?

The Big Berkey Water Filter is a marvel when it comes to water filtering systems. With its several features that aim to give you the absolutely clean water that well-purified and free from harmful bacteria and chemicals, it sounds like there’s nothing that can beat it. But what are the other customers who utilized saying about the Big Berkey Water Filters?

Here is just one feedback of a customer who utilized the said water filtering system.

“I’ve been using the Berkey for 4 years, and I love it. I do understand about the reviews that complain about the hassle of set-up. They’re right–it’s kind of a pain to get the filters primed & set up so it’s all tightened and not leaking. However, I have to say it’s completely worth it. The water tastes great and the filters filter out more contaminants that anything else I can find or afford. Also, I love that it works with just gravity–great if the power goes out. If there is a big storm or water main break or anything like that, you’re all set. Another reviewer recommended food grade silicone for sealing the filters–I’ve never needed to do that, but it’s not a bad idea! I will keep happily using my Berkey and drinking wonderfully clean water. Just set aside enough time for the initial set-up and you’re good to go. I did have a faulty spigot one time, and their customer service sent a new one at no cost right away.”

Health, Affordability and Efficiency

The Big Berkey Water Filter System observes three main concepts that can bring the benefits for you. First, it delivers clean water that’s free from harmful bacteria and chemicals. Second, it presents you with an efficient and affordable water filtering system. Lastly, it provides you with one of the most versatile water filtering systems in the market that you can use almost anywhere and can filter water that comes from various sources. If you’re looking for a great water filtering system, the name Big Berkey is a name to trust.

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