Doulton HCS Countertop Water Filter


Trying to find a right water filter system for your home that can really guarantee you that your family’s health is safe while drinking water straight from your tap?

Thanks to Doulton HCS Countertop Water Filter we can be sure that we drink the water straight from our faucet were cleaned and were filtrated very well. This filter assures you that it removes bacteria, chlorine resistant bacteria that can really harm our health.

It contains a Doulton Supercarb SI filter candle, in which it can provide multi-stage with just one filtering system. It can be connected to your kitchen just for a few minutes without hassle, and the best thing about this is that it has divert valve, where you can choose a filter or unfiltered water.

It consist of ceramic shell filtered with an activated carbon block, which assures you that it can remove some contaminants such as chlorine and any organic substances from the water. Other that carbon blocks it has also polyphosphates which can reduce lime scales. It is very safe and it contains naturally to the food.

The maximum capacity of Doulton Supercarb SI filter candle is 3800 liters and should be replaced after six months to maintain the water filter system.

No need for an electricity to make use of this water filtering system. You can already maximize the limitations in where you can drink your safe water with or without using power. The ceramic filter that was included can be cleaned and can live a longer life.

To operate you just need to simply turn the knob on the diverter valve side to send the water directly to the filtering system and out the faucet. Turn the diverter valve back to allow the water flow normally through the kitchen sink.

It can also filter rust down to 0.5 microns in size! Some harmful heavy materials can also be filtered from it by using this kind of water filter system. This kind of filter is for cold water use only. It is also ideal for students, workers, teachers and any kind of professional that wants a quick and very easy installation.

The Four Stages of Water Filtration are:

  1. Sterasyl Outer Ceramic Shell – it filters up to 0.5 microns and guarantee you for 99.9%.
  2. Silver Impregnated – it is a self-sterilizing where it kills pathogens or any bacteria that really can harm your body.
  3. Activated Carbon Block Core – it removes chlorine, some bad chemicals and organic elements that will improve the taste and the odor of the water.
  4. ATS Resin – this is the last stage in where the removal of heavy metal and lead is taking place.

By using this water filtrating system can really assure you the health of your family and you no longer need to worry. With this four stages of filtering your water will make sure that your water is very clean and safe to drink.

No hassle to install, very cheaper than the other water filtering system and can guarantee you a 100% health assurance.