Doulton Water Filter: The Sleek and Stylish

Countertop water filters have become a very popular item in the kitchen, replacing the conventional water filter. They provide easy access for everyone for clean, purified water. Also, unlike the typical water filter, countertop water filters are very compact and do not take up unnecessary space.

Are you looking for your own countertop water filter? Try Doulton’s HCS Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter. It is one of the most popular water filters on the market that is totally worth every cent you bought it for.

 Doulton Water Filter

Filter Straight from the Tap

There’s no need to use and replace filter jugs frequently. With its well-researched technology, the Doulton water filter immediately filters your water straight from the tap. No more hassles of changing filters frequently!

Ultracarb Filter Techonology

The Doulton water filter features its’ Ultracarb Filter. The Ultracarb filter is a cartridge found in the Doulton water filter that provides sub-micron filtration. This enables it to filter out even the smallest of traces of   bacteria, chlorine, cysts, heavy metals, particles and other organics present in your tap water.

The Ultracarb filter has been independently tested for quality assurance by third party organizations, specifically the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS). This gives everyone assurance, and peace of mind in their homes that the water they use for drinking, washing, and cooking is completely safe and pure.

Stylishly Compact

When it comes to external aesthetics, the Doulton water filter is one of the most eye-pleasing water filters out there. It’s sleek, stainless steel finish just makes it look so elegant. Plus, if you’re limited with space in your home, it doesn’t take up too much on your countertop! It’s Style and function all in one.

No-Brainer Installation

Installation is quick and easy, and takes roughly about only five minutes! It has a manual that’s a quick read, and eve an easy step-by-step tutorial video! It is ideal for those who are often busy or frequently on the go.

The Doulton HCS Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter is one of the best water filters out there in the market. With its’ Ultracarb Filter technology, you can be assured that your water is clean and safe for drinking and cooking. It’s ergonomic and sleek stainless steel design saves up space on your countertop for your other appliances and keeps a timeless design to it. Surely, this is the water filter that would suite every home.