Imperial Berkey Water System: How Much Can It Do?

Of all the many findings the scientific world could give us, there is one we can be truly sure of: bacteria are ubiquitous. These microorganisms are found everywhere—in the air we breathe, on our bodies (particularly our hands), inside our bodies, on everyday objects we handle and use, and also, in the water that we drink.

Indeed, even the water that we take in our bodies to replenish our thirst, contains bacteria. This most especially happens if the water that we drink are raw and taken from environmental sources, like lakes, streams, and wells. Though seemingly harmless for others (as they have been used to getting their drinking water from nature), one can never be too sure.

Imperial Berkey Water System

According to the World Health Organization, contaminated water has been an important cause of diarrhea and other water-borne related diseases. Diarrhea, alone, causes 4% of all deaths and 5% health loss to disability. Gastrointestinal infections kill about 2.2 million people worldwide each year, mostly in developing countries.

However, with proper purification of water and making it safe for human ingestion, these water-borne diseases may be prevented. Safe and clean water—that is just what everyone needs.

The Imperial Berkey Water Purification System offers just that. Versatile and powerful, it is ideal for use anywhere you may be. Whether you are just in the comfort of your home, camping out in the wilderness, or even in the middle of emergency situations, this water purifier provides immediate purified water. Not only does it remove pathogenic bacteria, but it also removes cysts, parasites, harmful chemicals, and unhealthy minerals.

Though a very powerful system, it still maintains the beneficial minerals water may give us, leaving nothing but pure, clean, safe, and odor free water. Made of highly polished 304 Stainless Steel, it is durable and will be in your service for many years. Efficiency at its best, no other system works like this.

Electricity is not needed for this system to meet your needs. Relying only on gravity and the natural pressure of water in the system, your drinking water is treated as it passes through the micro-pores of the six purification elements equipped in the system. Standing at about 26 inches, it can hold up to 17 gallons of water. Now, that is a lot of water to keep you feeling fresh and hydrated.

A household device can only do so much, but with Imperial Berkey Water Purification System, you can never go wrong. As long as there is water—may it be lake water, stream water, well water, and even rain water, you will be able to drink and be assured that it is safe and clean. Water has never tasted this good.