Imperial Countertop Water Filters

Imperial Countetop Water Filter

Tired of worrying for the safety of your family when it comes to drinking water directly from you faucet? You don’t need to worry anymore because Imperial Countertop Water Filters is already here. It assures you the health of your family by drinking the water directly from your faucet.

Our very cost friendly Imperial Countertop Water filters is a cost-effectively water filtration system that keeps your drinking water safe from harmful and any toxic pollutants such as chlorine, leads or any organic chemicals.

It is a slightly larger unit and can accommodate higher flow rates and increased filtration capacity over any other kinds of water filtration system.

This filtration system includes a CeraUltra Imperial filter cartridge, which it features a silver-impregnated ceramic micro-filter and carbon block core for lead, mercury, VOC and heavy metal reduction that can harm our body. It also has some improvements for the color, taste and odor of your drinking water which can be observed when you already installed it to your kitchen sink.

This is a very reliable and durable water filter that can be easily attaches to your standard faucet with no changes from your kitchen sink that needs to have a plumbing needed.

There’s also a diverter valve that will allow you to switch or choose from unfiltered to filtered water. The Imperial CeraUltra Imperial OBE Filter is very simple, very effective and can provide you a long lasting water filtration.

Features of Imperial Countertop Water Filters:

  • There’s a pressurized that can give the pressure to the water and has a single filter water filtration system as well.
  • It has this Imperial CeraUltra Imperial OBE Filter Cartridge:
  • There’s ceramic outer shell that can provide sub-micron filtration and can reduce the fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity of the water.
  • There’s also incorporated by the silver locked within the ceramic structure that gives enhanced bacteriostatic and can sterilized the water by itself
  • There’s an activated carbon block core in which it removes, chlorine, organic compounds, toxic pollutants or any compounds that can give a serious health issues.
  • There’s a Zeolite metal ion reduction medium that can reduce the lead content of the water or any heavy metals that really can give some serious health issues.
  • It reduces up to 99% of soluble lead, iron and hydrogen sulphides that was mix on the water unknowingly.
  • There’s this Carbon-block technology that reduced > 99.99% of particles which is ½ micron (absolute ANSI standard) and larger size including bacteria, microbes or some pathogenic bacteria that can harm our system.
  • It also reduces the asbestos fibers dirt that comes from the water tank, chlorine taste and odor, mold, spores, algae and it surely removes 100% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia (which are chlorine resistant bacteria).
  • It is compact and can easily attaches to most standard faucets in our kitchen without hassle.
  • It is for cold water use only.