Too Cool to Handle: Decor Coolers Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler

When you’ve had a long day and you just got back home from the scorching heat of the city, nothing could be more refreshing to have than a glass of ice cold water. What could be more convenient to having cold water readily poured with the push of a button? Lo and behold, I present to you the Decor Coolers’ Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler.

 Decor Coolers Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler

Sleek and Compact

This durable water cooler can be placed on any countertop, doesn’t take up any unnecessary space as conventional water coolers do. About the size of a coffeemaker, the Decor Coolers’ Water Cooler can be stored neatly along with the rest of your countertop appliances together.

Filters as It Pours

Not only does it pour you a glass of cold (there’s a hot option too for those tea and coffee lovers!) water, it filters it for you! With its’ built-in carbon block filtration system, it saves you up the cost of buying a separate water filter system.

Bottle Hassles Be Gone!

With just your conventional water cooler, the struggle will always be when the water runs out. You have to remove the used bottle and replace it with the new one. The thing is, lifting a gallon of water is straining and would cause some serious back problems in the future. Another thing is that you can never avoid spillage with these.

But the Decor Coolers’ Water Cooler has resolved this issue and rids of the bottle. Yes, it’s a bottleless water cooler! No more struggles of carrying those heavy bottles and cleaning up after. All you simply have to do is pour your water into its container and voila! It’s that easy.

Worth-it Features

The Decor Coolers’ Water cooler with always provide you with an almost endless supply with water, and has some neat features that will pique your interest.

Holds up volume: It holds up to a gallon of water so you need not to frequently refill it.

Thermoregulation: It can set water temperature of your choice with its’ three options: Hot, Room Temperature, and Cold.

Leak-Seeker: The Decor Coolers’ Water Cooler has a built-in leak detector that alarms when you overfill the hatch, or when there’s a crack and leak within its system.

Energy-Saving: Lastly, an important feature would be the water cooler’s compressor, because it only expends half of what conventional water coolers use. The Decor Coolers water cooler uses and energy savings compressor so that you won’t have to shell out extra cash for the electricity bill. It’s compact with size and cost!

The Perfect Way to Cool Down

So there you have it, Décor Coolers’ Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler. It’s sleek and compact, make sure that your water is clean and filtered before you drink it, hassle-free set-up and cost efficient. Hopefully this helps you decide on getting one for your home.